Grip Ring and Car Hook


  1. Lindo Grip Ring and car hook is a simple solution for slippery phones. It features a versatile ring that is able to rotate 360° and flipped 180°.
  2. Domestic delivery: 4-6 days
  3. Included: 1 Grip Ring, 1 Car Hook
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  1. Can be used with most phones and smooth cases.
  2. Features a strong adhesive that can be washed with water and reused.
  3. The ring is versatile, able to rotate 360° and flipped 180°.
  4. The included car hook allows anyone to mount their phone on a car dashboard for easy and safe viewing.
  5. Important: Adhesive not effective on glass surfaces.
Weight 0.90 oz
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.00 × 0.50 in


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